IRS Tax Help

IRS Tax Help 

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual taxpayer, receiving a notice from the IRS about an audit can be an overwhelming experience. At Dave Barnett, CPA we offer our clients assistance handling their IRS debt and work to develop a fair and affordable payment plan. Our experienced accountants can represent you in front of the federal tax giant, determine the credibility of the charges, and offer ways to prevent recurring issues in future tax seasons. 

If you’ve been audited or have tax debt, contact Dave Barnett, CPA in Athens to schedule a consultation for IRS tax assistance today. 

Managing Debt and Penalties

Filing taxes can be tedious as there are a variety of forms to complete accurately and in a timely manner. To combat errors, consider seeking the assistance of our Athens accountants to ensure accurate tax filing. Attempting to do them on your own can keep you from spending the time necessary to run your business and also lead to costly mistakes. 

Offers-in-Compromise – Failing to file a tax return or remit any payments for taxes owed results in a fee that can be difficult to pay based on your current assets and income. The IRS can accept a reduced payment or a reasonable payment plan. Our accountants can help you receive an offer-in-compromise by representing you in front of the IRS. 

Payment Plans – IRS Agents are trained specifically to determine issues of inaccurate filings or unreported income. It’s important to enlist the help of a qualified accountant when setting up an IRS installment plan since they have the experience to handle the IRS. If you cannot have your tax debt reduced in an offer-in-compromise, a payment plan will help you pay tax debt easily within a manageable timeline. 

Liens and Levies – To satisfy your tax debt, the IRS may issue a levy, which is a legal seizure of your property to pay for that debt. However, the IRS also imposes liens, which are claims of your property to secure payment. Dave Barnett, CPA can assist in releasing the levy by ensuring you have paid the amount owed, or argue for an installment agreement with terms that effectively end the levy. If a levy creates an economic hardship, which limits you from living in basic and reasonable means, it can be released and a payment plan will be issued. 

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