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Small Business Advisory Services in Athens

The Small Business Advisory services begin with a free initial consultation and evaluation of your specific business situation, concerns, and goals. From my evaluation and review I will propose a customized plan of action.

Your proposed plan of action will chart a course of specific steps needed to:

  • address your immediate pressing management problems and concerns,
  • improve operating efficiencies and profit margins,
  • achieve your long term business goals by developing a strategic business plan 

Included in your proposed plan will be a suggested time frame and affordable fee estimate. No charge or obligation for the initial proposed plan of action. Learn more about our Free Business Strategy Resources.

Email to set up a free consultation in person, by phone or email, to discuss your goals and concerns. If I can help you we'll develop an affordable plan of action. 


Q: How does your advisory service work?

A: After evaluating your situation and discussing your goals, I will propose a plan of action depending on your needs and the size of your business. In some situations, I might work on-site for a period of days or weeks to solve problems, help train employees, or set up accounting systems. For smaller businesses where such a campaign might not be practical, I work with you in periodic on-site sessions,  phone consultations, email, or a combination of all three. There is no canned template formula and each project is designed specifically for your business.

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: I have two service options that fit most businesses.

On site consulting engagements

For on-site projects requiring several weeks or months to implement, I will give you a turn-key fee quote based on hourly rates from $85 to $150 per hour depending on the nature and complexity of the specific project. Unless the nature of a project makes it impossible to define the scope and time in advance I avoid open ended hourly fee arrangements. 

Small Business Coaching service:

For smaller projects more suited to off-site phone and email consultations I offer a monthly business coach service arrangement starting at $150 per month. This option gives the small business owner an affordable solution for help with strategic planning, industry benchmark and profit margin analysis, development of useful management reports, or quickbooks advisory services. This is a good option for a 3-6 months engagement where you receive monthly phone consultations and unlimited email support. 

Q: Do you require long term contracts or commitments?

A: No. There are no charges for the initial consultation or proposed engagement action plan and fee quote. If you elect to engage my advisory services I will ask you to sign an engagement letter which sets out our agreed objectives, scope of project, and fee quote. If at any time you decide the service is not meeting your objectives you may cancel the engagement.

Monthly business coaching services may be cancelled at any time.

Email to schedule your free initial consultation, financial review, and strategic action plan. No commitments or long term contracts required.


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